Graft Prosthetic Device and Extracorporeal Circuit Thrombosis

HIT predisposes to thrombosis of blood in contact with native or prosthetic grafts or vascular fistulae, valve or other intravascular prostheses, as well as extracorpo-real circuits (Towne et al., 1979; Silver et al., 1983; Bernasconi et al., 1988; AbuRahma et al., 1991; Lipton and Gould, 1992; Hall et al., 1992). This presents serious management problems in certain situations, such as renal hemodialysis (see Chapter 18). Clinicians should check for unexpected platelet count declines, and test for HIT antibodies, in patients who develop thrombosis of grafts, prostheses, or other devices during heparin treatment.

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