Mechanisms of the increase in arterial blood pressure

There is no consensus between authors on the existence of arterial hypertension in HBO, but all agree on the existence of an increase in peripheral vascular resistance, made obvious by calculating systemic arterial resistance21, or by the arm / ankle arterial pressure ratio22. Usually the increase in resistance is related to hyperoxic vasoconstriction.

However because of the localization of the hyperoxic vasoconstriction (arteries of a smaller diameter than the medium- and small-size arteries responsible for the major part of the arterial resistance), of the anatomical and physiological differences related to regional circulation in the organs, of whether the perfused areas are hyperoxic or not, the overall consequences of the vasoconstriction may be very variable. This explains why the effect on arterial pressure can be of variable intensity. Also, systemic arterial resistance is only one of the factors determining arterial pressure. The simultaneous variation in cardiac output also has an influence on arterial blood pressure, which accounts for the apparent contradictory in results of the various studies.

1.5. HBO and Hemodynamics and Microcirculation 1.3 Effects on cardiac output

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