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In the first chapters of the Fast chicken pox cure, Stefan Hall, the author of this book explains his story and experience with the Chicken Pox. In fact, it explains to you in simple, easy manner to understand how the Chicken Pox works and basically what is going on in your body when you have it. The chicken pox treatments provided in this book applies to children and adults. Each cure that this book provides may mean a child returning to school earlier, parents no longer worrying about their childs health, or an adult coming back to work after only a few days absence. Because every individual is unique, the techniques in the Fast Chicken Pox Cure e-book may not be efficient in the treatment of chicken pox in some cases. Read more...

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Varicella Zoster Virus

VZV is a highly transmissible, double-stranded DNA poxvirus that induces a febrile illness (chickenpox), which is characterized in children by fever, malaise, and a pruritic, vesicular rash (CDC 1996). VZV can also reactivate in adulthood as a series of painful vesicular lesions in the distribution of a cutaneous dermatome. Infection of pregnant women during the first and second trimesters may induce the congenital varicella syndrome, which can result in significant fetal deformities, and VZV infection transmitted to newborns can be fatal (Tan and Koren 2006). Accordingly, VZV immunoglobulins (VZIG) are indicated for immunocompromised patients, pregnant women, and neonates at risk for VZV infection (CDC 2006 Tan and Koren 2006). Native human antibodies capable of neutralizing VZV in vitro have been cloned (Foung et al. 1985 Sugano et al. 1987, 1991).

In Vivo Immune Effects Of Senescent T Cells

In addition to the role that putatively senescent CD8+ T cells may play in regulating functions of other immune cell types, these cells also show alterations in the normal functional attributes of CD8+ T cells. First, CD8+CD28 T cells isolated ex vivo are unable to proliferate (like their cell culture counterparts), even in response to signals that bypass cell surface receptors, such as PMA and ionomycin (Effros et al., 1996). This observation is consistent with extensive research on replicative senescence in a variety of cell types documenting the irreversible nature of the proliferative block, and its association with upregulation of cell cycle inhibitors and p53-linked checkpoints (Campisi, 2001). If the CD8+CD28 T cells present in elderly persons are virus-specific, their inability to undergo the requisite clonal expansion in response to antigen re-encounter will compromise the immune control over that particular virus. Indeed, as noted above, senescent HIV-specific CD8+ T cells...

Clinical Manifestations

FIGURE 11 Photograph shows varicella zoster virus affecting the third division of the trigeminal nerve and minor vesicles apparent in the first division. FIGURE 11 Photograph shows varicella zoster virus affecting the third division of the trigeminal nerve and minor vesicles apparent in the first division.

Tuberculosis during childhood and adulthood

Adults usually have pronounced systemic effects (such as weight loss and high fever) and immunopathology (such as cavitation and fibrosis). Adulthood disease ('secondary' tuberculosis) is usually ascribed to a secondary immune response following re-infection or re-activation (the Koch phenomenon). Other factors may however contribute to the differences in the immune response of children versus adults. We have seen a number of children presenting with culture proven childhood ('primary') tuberculosis, who were fully treated but developed culture proven tuberculosis again several years later, before the onset of puberty. These children were HIV negative and did not have any evidence for immune deficiency. On second presentation, they again had the childhood form of disease. Differences in the immune response between adults and children are also seen in viral diseases. Young children are more susceptible to viral infections than adults, but adults develop immunopathology, such as viral...

Reactivation of Latent Herpes Viruses

The adaptive immune response is an important factor in the control of herpes viruses. These viruses, which include herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 (HSV-1 and HSV-2), varicella zoster virus (VZV), cytomegalovirus (CMV), and Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) are the most ubiquitous viruses with very high prevalence rates in healthy adults. For example, greater than 90 of adults are seropositive for HSV-1 and EBV and therefore latently infected with the virus (Henle and Henle 1982 Pebody et al, 2004 Peter and Ray 1998 Xu et al, 2002). The initial encounter with HSV-1 (i.e., the causative agent of cold sores) typically occurs in childhood with few clinical symptoms, whereas infection with EBV, which commonly occurs in young adults, leads to mononucleosis in approximately 40 of those infected (Henle and Henle 1982). However, after the primary infection has been resolved, the herpes viruses are able to establish lifelong latent infections in host tissue. The site of latency is virus specific,...

Acceptance of Jennerain Vaccination

However, the Chinese did not accept Jennerian vaccination exactly as it was understood in the West. There was a construction of the Chinese interpretation of vaccination, deciphering it effectiveness in terms conforming to Chinese orthodox medical thought. Basically, the classic notion o taidu (foetal toxin), to which the principle of variolation and vaccination was accommodated, persisted. According to this concept, toxic matters from the father and the mother - a result of physical desire, emotional instability, or unbalanced nutritional habits - were inevitably passed onto the fetus the moment it was conceived. The toxin would express itself at one moment or another during the lifetime of the child. Smallpox, measles, chickenpox, all sorts of skin eruptions, boils or ulcerations, were different manifestations of taidu. Vaccination, like variolation, was a way of controlled release and elimination of the taidu before any occurrence of smallpox epidemic.

Vaccination Against Varicella and Zoster Its Development and Progress

At one time in history, it seems, rash diseases tended to be lumped together under the term pox and these illnesses must have been very common. Syphilis was known as the great pox and smallpox was considered yet another pox illness. The well known quotation from Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet, is usually given as A pox on both your houses. In fact however, A plague on both your houses is what Shakespeare actually wrote plague killed 25 of the European population between 1347 and 1348. Pox diseases included plague perhaps, as well as smallpox, syphilis, measles, rubella, chickenpox, and more. Eventually, scientific advances would considerably delineate the diversity of the myriad of pathogens that cause human infections manifested by fever and rash. Varicella, the primary infection with varicella-zoster virus (VZV), was for many centuries confused with smallpox, and was not recognized to be a separate illness until the mid-eighteenth century. The origin of the lay name,...

Viral Infections

Orofacial herpes zoster infection usually follows the distribution of one of the three branches of the trigeminal nerve on one side of the face. It may also be disseminated. HIV infection has been associated with a 17-fold relative risk increase for zoster, which occurs at any CD4 count but becomes more severe as immunosuppression worsens (18) Involvement of the ophthalmic branch and the eye should be ruled out, and the patient presenting with suspicious lesions on the forehead or pinna should be referred for evaluation to an ophthalmologist, to rule out zoster ophthalmicus from involvement of the nasociliary branch of cranial nerve V (Fig. 15). Facial nerve involvement with facial palsy may occur (Ramsay-Hunt syndrome). Chronic forms and up to 20 recurrence rate have been reported.

Active Immunity

The development of a secondary response provides active immunity against the specific pathogens. The development of active immunity requires prior exposure to the specific antigens, at which time the sluggishness of the primary response may cause the person to develop the disease. Some parents, for example, deliberately expose their children to others who have measles, chickenpox, or mumps so that their children will be immune to these diseases in later life, when the diseases are potentially more serious.

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