Adaptations: Physical features, behaviors, and other characteristics that help an organism to survive and reproduce.

Agile: Able to move quickly and with grace.

Algae: Tiny plantlike organisms that live in water and lack true roots, stems, or leaves.

Ametabolous: Lacking metamorphosis; larvae resemble small versions of wingless adults and are unable to reproduce.

Anamorphosis: A type of metamorphosis where the larva hatches with fewer abdominal segments than the adult.

Antennae: Structures that act like "feelers," or sense organs; sensitive to smell or touch.

Aposematic coloration: Bright or distinctive colors that serve as a warning.

Appendages: Mouthparts, antennae, legs, wings, and tail-like projections.

Aquatic: Living in water.

Arachnologist: A scientist who studies spiders and their relatives.

Arthropod: An animal with a hard outer skeleton and several pairs of jointed limbs.

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