• A tidy, cleanly cut wound may result from a surgical scalpel, accidentally while carving a joint, from broken glass or from a violent attack.

• In a lacerated wound the skin has been stretched and subjected to a shear effect.

• Gross avulsion and degloving injuries result in full thickness skin loss.

• Contusion suggests crushing of the skin to split it.

• A flap wound implies that the skin has been stripped, so that it may be lacerated or contused.

• Puncture wounds may occur from window or windscreen glass, accidental penetration of nails, wood splinters or thorns, and missile and stab wounds.

• Deep penetrating wounds may have trivial openings as following a fall on a spiked fence.

• Missile wounds are caused by bullets, shrapnel - fragments from an exploding shell or bombs.

• The wound may be seen within 6h - early, intermediate or late - after 12 h.

• Any of these may be clean, contaminated, or heavily infected.

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