Conservation status

Conservation status of members of the Cocculinifomia is not known. While their habitat at first estimation would appear to be incredibly sparse and rare given the vastness of the deep-sea bottom, the fact that another group of gastropods (the Lepetelloidea in the Vetigastropoda) has also evolved to utilize similar substrates in the deep sea suggests that this first impression is incorrect. However, human interactions with the substrates may pose a serious threat as well as enhancement to these species. For example, increased logging and near-shore construction have undoubtedly increased the amount of wood in the ocean, and the end of commercial whaling will provide an increase in the amount of whale falls in the deep sea. Such an increase has likely increased the amount of substrate available to the Cocculinoidea. In contrast, fisheries' over-exploitation of squid stocks could jeopardize the habitat of the Bathysciadiidae by reducing the number of squid beaks that accumulate on the bottom.

No Cocculiniformia species are listed on the IUCN Red List.

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