Agricultural Research Service

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American Society of Parasitologists <>

American Zoo and Aquarium Association 8403 Colesville Road, Suite 710 Silver Spring, MD 20910 USA <>

Australian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria PO Box 20 Mosman, NSW 2088 Australia

Phone: 61 (2) 9978-4797 Fax: 61 (2) 9978-4761 <>

British and Irish Graptolite Group c/o Dr. A. W. A. Rushton The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Rd. London SW7 5BD United Kingdom <>

British Myriapod and Isopod Group

E-Mail: [email protected] <>

Cephalopod International Advisory Council (CIAC) Dr. Michael Vecchione, President NOAA/NMFS National Systematics Laboratory National Museum of Natural History, MR C-153 Washington, DC 20013-7012

European Association of Zoos and Aquaria PO Box 20164 1000 HD Amsterdam The Netherlands <>

The Graptolite Working Group of the International Palaeon-

tological Association c/o Dr. Charles E. Mitchell, Department of Geology State University of New York at Buffalo Buffalo, NY 14260-3050 E-mail: [email protected] <>

Helminthological Society of Washington

Allen Richards, Ricksettsial Disease Department

Naval Medical Research Center

503 Robert Grant Ave.

Silver Spring, MD 20910-7500 USA

Inland Water Crustacean Specialist Group Denton Belk, 840 E. Mulberry Ave. San Antonio, TX 78212-3194 USA Phone: (210) 732-8809 Fax: (210) 732-3943


International Bryozoology Association


International Isopod Research Group <http://www.uni->

International Society of Endocytobiology <>

International Symbiosis Society < lkh1/iss/>

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute 7700 Sandholdt Road Moss Landing, CA 95039 USA Phone: (831) 775-1700 Fax: (831) 775-1620 E-mail: [email protected] <>

Species Survival Commission, IUCN—The World Conservation Union

Rue Mauverney 28 Gland CH-1196 Switzerland Phone: +41-22-999-0152 Fax: +41-22-999-0015 E-mail: [email protected] <>

Xiamen Rare Marine Creatures Conservation Areas

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