Physical Characteristics

Body length 0.02-0.05 in (0.5-1.3 mm) for female, 0.03-0.04 in (0.8-1 mm) for male. Body cyclopiform, with podoplean division into prosome and uro-some. Female antennules 17-segmented; male antennules 16-segmented, geniculate on both sides. Antenna with single outer seta on basis, representing exopod. Mandible with palp reduced to three setae on small papilla. Maxillule with large and well-armed arthrite, palp small. Maxilla powerful, with strong claws on allo-basis; outer margin of syncoxa wrinkled. Maxilliped smaller than maxilla. Legs 1-4 biramous, with three-segmented rami; third ex-opodal segment of legs with only two outer spines. Fifth legs with single free exopodal segment bearing two long setal elements, one originating apically, the other on mid-medial margin. Caudal rami 3-4 times longer than wide.

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