Physical Characteristics

Body length 0.045-0.048 in (1.15-1.22 mm) for female and 0.039-0.042 in (1-1.07 mm) for male. Body gymnoplean, with somewhat slender prosome and short, slender urosome of three segments. Antennules long, indistinctly 18-segmented in female; male antennule geniculate on right side only. Antenna with four-segmented exopod and with 6 to 8 supernumerary setae on allobasal segment. Maxillipeds reduced distally. Swimming legs 1-4 all biramous, with three-segmented exopods and two-segmented endopods; fifth legs reduced in female, unira-mous ending in tapering spinous process. Male fifth legs asymmetrical, specialized for grasping female and transferring spermatophore during mating.

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