Physical Characteristics

C. pengoi lacks the ventral (lower surface) portion of the carapace; as a result, its limbs are uncovered and its body is very mobile. The dorsal (upper surface) portion of the carapace remains and protects the brood cavity. The head of this clado-ceran is rounded and contains strong mandibles (jaws) that are hardened with chitin. C. pengoi has only four pairs of thoracic legs, which are covered with setae (bristles) and spines. It has a long caudal (tail-like) appendage extending from its abdomen. Females are 0.05-0.08 in (1.2-2 mm) in length, and males are 0.04-0.06 in (1.1-1.4 mm) long; the caudal appendage may be 5-7 times the length of the body.

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