Physical Characteristics

Slightly smaller than scorpions, with a length of 0.10-0.18 in (2.6-4.5 mm). Does not possess stinging tail, has enlarged pedipalps, and transmits spermatophore in complex courtships. Cephalothorax (also called scutum) contains six pairs of appendages: chelicerae, palpal chelae (two well-developed claws), and four pairs of legs. Femora of legs one and two are different in general structure, especially with regards to joints, from femora of legs three and four. Cephalothorax is olive-brown to dark red. Palpal chelae (reduced claws near mouth) consist of large bulbous hand, with one fixed finger and one moveable finger. Moveable finger does not have edge but instead has a subapical lobe. Accessory teeth are not contained on chelel fingers. Opisthosomal tergites are pale brown to olive-green, with darker spots. Pedipalps are tawny brown to reddish brown, with some olive coloration. Venom apparatus is well developed in both fingers of palpal chela. Cheliceral flagellum consists of three long, straight setae. Complex internal genitalia of males are heavily sclerotized. Spermathecae of females are short, rounded sacs, with sclerotic plates.

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