Physical Characteristics

The size of this mysid ranges from 0.35 to 0.86 in (9.0-22.0 mm). The length of the colorless wormlike body is 7.0-7.2 times the width. The length of the carapace is about one-fifth the length of the body. The abdominal somites are smooth and rounded on the dorsal surface. Antenna 1 is about one-half the length of the body. Four paired ventral lamellae or oostegites (typical for Stygiomysis females and a number unique among the Mysida) extending medially and anteriorly from the proximal part of pereiopods 3-6; each oostegite single flexible membranous flap, rounded and elongated anteriorly. The length of the telson is about 1.7-2.0 times its width, or one-sixth the length of the body. It has 15 spines arranged in five groups of three on its posterior margin.

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