Physical Characteristics

Possesses long, thin, whip-like tail instead of stinger, and has large anal glands that discharge strong defensive acids. Length about 1.0-3.2 in (25-80 mm), not including tail, and is reddish or brownish black. Both males and females are similar in appearance, with heavy pedipalps that are formed into pincers.

Carapace covers body. Has one pair of eyes, located in front of cephalothorax, and six more eyes, three off each side of head. Even though it has eight eyes, it has poor eyesight; compensates by being able to detect ground vibrations, especially those by prey. Two chelicerae (normally turned forward) are used to grasp, tear, and transfer food into mouth. Has four pairs of legs, with front-most (first) pair longer and thinner than other three pairs; first pair of legs is used to detect prey and evaluate environment (like sensory feelers), while other three pairs of legs are used for walking. Inside abdomen are two pairs of layered lungs with a whip-like telson that is usually held curled toward back; telson is used for defense, and is capable of spraying acetic and caprylic acids that originate from repugnatorial glands near anus.

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