Reproductive Biology

Both sexes are distinguished externally by their gonopods; unique in having two pairs of male gonopods. Courtship involves partners forming a circle, tapping each other with their antennae; male rocks body up and down, and deposits a lemon-shaped spermatophore; male guides female to spermatophore, from which she removes sperm. Eggs oval, 0.05 in (1.25 mm) long. Female holds egg between gonopods, wipes it with soil, and deposits it in a soil crevice. Usually about four eggs laid per day over a breeding season of about two months (May-June in southern France). Eggs hatch in 30-38 days. Hatchlings have four pairs of legs, with subsequent stages having 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13 pairs, then five post-larval (15-legged) stages. Individuals have lived nearly three years in captivity.

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