Reproductive Biology

Experiments suggest that the coxal organs on legs 12-15 emit sex-specific pheromones. Courtship ritual lasts a few hours, with tapping of last legs with antennae by both sexes, and male rocking body up and down. Male deposits spermatophore onto a 0.39 in (1 cm) wide web, then female moves over top of male and picks it up with her gonopods. Females lay single eggs nearly 0.039 in (1 mm) wide that are camouflaged with soil and abandoned; the eggs are held between a pair of stout spurs on each gonopod and the curved terminal claw of the gonopods.

In captivity, female seen to lay eggs 21 times over four months. Offspring hatch with seven leg pairs, with subsequent stages have 7, 8, 10, and 12 pairs, then post-larval (15-legged) stages. Life span may be 5-6 years.


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