Bremen, Germany

Dr. Wilhelm Meise Chief Curator, Zoological Institute and Museum, University of Hamburg Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Joachim Messtorff Field Station of the Federal Fisheries Research Institute Bremerhaven, Germany

Dr. Marian Mlynarski Professor, Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute for Systematic and Experimental Zoology Cracow, Poland

Dr. Walburga Moeller Nature Museum Hamburg, Germany

Dr. H. C. Erna Mohr Curator (retired), Zoological State Institute and Museum Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Karl-Heinz Moll Waren/Müritz, Germany

Dr. Detlev Müller-Using Professor, Institute for Game Management, University of Göttingen Hannoversch-Münden, Germany

Werner Münster Instructor of Biology Ebersbach, Germany

Dr. Joachim Münzing Altona Museum Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Wilbert Neugebauer Wilhelma Zoo

Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, Germany Dr. Ian Newton

Senior Scientific Officer, The Nature


Edinburgh, Scotland

Dr. Jürgen Nicolai

Max Planck Institute for Behavioral


Seewiesen/Obb., Germany

Dr. Günther Niethammer Professor, Zoological Research Institute and A. Koenig Museum Bonn, Germany

Dr. Bernhard Nievergelt Zoological Museum, University of Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland Dr. C. C. Olrog

Institut Miguel Lillo San Miguel de Tucuman

Tucuman, Argentina

Alwin Pedersen

Mammal Research and aRctic


Holte, Denmark

Dr. Dieter Stefan Peters Nature Museum and Senckenberg Research Institute Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Dr. Nicolaus Peters Scientific Councillor and Docent, Institute of Hydrobiology and Fisheries, University of Hamburg Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Hans-Günter Petzold Assistant Director, Zoological Garden Berlin, Germany

Dr. Rudolf Piechocki Docent, Zoological Institute, University of Halle Halle a.d.S., Germany

Dr. Ivo Poglayen-Neuwall Director, Zoological Garden Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.

Dr. Egon Popp

Zoological Collection of the State of Bavaria

Munich, Germany

Dr. H.C. Adolf Portmann Professor Emeritus, Zoological Institute, University of Basel Basel, Switzerland

Hans Psenner

Professor and Director, Alpine Zoo Innsbruck, Austria

Dr. Heinz-Siburd Raethel Oberveterinärrat Berlin, Germany

Professor, Museum of Natural History Basel, Switzerland

Dr. Werner Rathmayer Biology Institute, University of Konstanz

Konstanz, Germany

Walter Reinhard Biologist

Baden-Baden, Germany

Federal Fisheries Research Institute

Bremerhaven, Germany

Dr. Bernhard Rensch Professor Emeritus, Zoological Institute, University of Münster Münster, Germany

Dr. Vernon Reynolds Docent, Department of Sociology, University of Bristol Bristol, England

Dr. Rupert Riedl

Professor, Department of Zoology, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Dr. Peter Rietschel Professor (retired), Zoological Institute, University of Frankfurt a.M. ■ Frankfurt a.M., Germany I

Dr. Siegfried Rietschel N

Docent, University of Frankfurt; R

Curator, Nature Museum and BU

Research Institute Senckenberg R

Frankfurt a.M., Germany T

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