Conservation status

In 2000, the IUCN listed the rail-babbler and western whipbird as Near Threatened through loss of habitat. The population of the western whipbird in the southwest Australia is endangered. Inappropriate fire regimes are blamed for the small distribution and small numbers. From a low of 17 pairs or less in the 1960s, this species has been slowly recovered through dedicated conservation efforts. Restriction of burning, captive breeding, and transfer of individuals have brought the population to over 500 individuals. The subspecies of the spotted quail-thrush from the Mount Lofty Ranges, South Australia, may have been extirpated through loss of habitat.

The other species in this family appear secure for the moment, but several populations are vulnerable, restricted to relatively small areas at higher elevations, or are sparsely distributed. The greater melampitta occurs throughout montane New Guinea, but is known from less than ten specimens. The Papuan whipbird is too poorly known to make a realistic assessment of its status.

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