International Physical Activity Questionnaire

The International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ; Craig et al, 2003) is a set of four questionnaires designed for use in adults (15-69 years old) to derive internationally comparable data on physical activity during the last 7 days. Long and short versions of the IPAQ are available and are either interviewer-or self-administered. The 4-item, short version assesses the number of days per week the respondent has engaged in moderate or vigorous activity, as well as the time spent walking or sitting. The 27-item, long version assesses physical activity across five activity domains (e.g., occupational, transport, household, leisure, and time spent sitting). Data from the long and short forms are used to estimate total energy expenditure by weighting the reported minutes per week in each activity category by a MET energy expenditure estimate assigned to each activity category. The IPAQ has been found to have satisfactory test-retest reliability (long form: pooled Spearman's p = 0.81; short form: pooled Spearman's p = 0.76) and fair criterion validity (using accelerometers, pooled p = 0.33) in industrialized and developing nations (Craig et al, 2003).

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