Intervention Settings

Some settings are likely to make recruitment, targeting, and tailoring of interventions easier than others. For example, schools and worksites are community settings where many people can easily be reached. However, findings from worksite diet and exercise programs (L. Anderson et al, 2009) only showed very modest reductions in weight and BMI. The worksite interventions were typically based on informational and behavioral strategies, with few having promoted changes to the work environment to support healthy behavioral choices. As with similar interventions in other settings, more intensive interventions (duration, number of components, structured vs. unstructured) were more effective (L. Anderson et al, 2009). It also seems that workplace interventions have tended to be quite focused compared to more generic lifestyle interventions. A recent meta-analysis (Abraham and Graham-Rower, 2009) showed more than threefold effect sizes for physical activity interventions in comparison to general lifestyle change interventions.

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