Figure 20.2. Factors affecting S. rafti lifespan. (A) Survivorship of virgin free-living females under optimized culture conditions (400mg/juf streptomycin and E. coli SR) (x,-) and on E. coli OP50 (o,----). (B) Survival and (C) Plots of ln(m(t)) against age for S. ratti (x,--)

and C. elegans (o,-) both in the S, raffi-optimized culture conditions (400mg/juf streptomycin and E. coli SR) and C. elegans (+,--)

in monoxenic culture conditions E. coli 0P50. (D) The estimated number of parasitic females (•) and the percent survival of free-living females (■) over time, which is shown on a log scale. Figures 20.2D, 20.3C, and 20.4C are from Gardner, Gems and Viney, submitted. Figures 20.1, 20.2A-C, 20.3A-B and 20.4A-B are reprinted from Gardner, Gems and Viney, Aging in a very short-lived nematode, Experimental Gerontology Volume 39, 1267-1276 (2004) with permission from Elsevier.

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