This model of the avalanche-like destruction of the organism not only provides a theoretical justification for the well-known Gompertz-Makeham law, but also explains why the values of the Makeham parameter A sometimes turn out to be negative (when age-independent mortality, u0, is small as for populations in the developed countries and the background rate of destruction, 20, is large).

Another advantage of the avalanche-like destruction model is that it correctly predicts mortality deceleration (deviations from the Gompertz-Makeham law) at very old ages. In this extreme age-range, the failure rate grows with age according to the formula

Thus the model predicts an asymptotic growth of failure rate with age with an upper limit of ยก0 + 20.

Alongside the strengths already listed, the avalanchelike destruction model has one significant limitation: it does not conform to the compensation law of mortality in its strong form (Gavrilov and Gavrilova, 1991). Nevertheless, the idea that organisms undergo cascade destruction is one of the promising ideas in further mathematical modeling of aging.

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