Recommended Resources

The institute for genomics research (TIGR) microarray resources: A nice compilation of microarray-related information and links. TIGR also provides free software for processing, analyzing, and presenting array data. software/#m

Stanford microarray resources: Another good collection of array resources and software.

Eisen lab software: htm. The classic Cluster and Treeview software along with additional software for array analysis and data presentation.

Significance analysis of microarrays (SAM): http:// Statistical software for detecting significant changes in gene expression from microarray data. Can be used as a Microsoft Excel plug-in.

Bioconductor: Open source software for bioinformatic analyses. More powerful than most of the other free software, but requires R, a software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

BASE BioArray Software Environment: http://base. An open-source database system for storage, retrieval, and analysis of microarray data.

GeneX-Lite: Relational database system for managing, analyzing, and visualizing array data.

Gene Expression Omnibus: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/geo/. NCBI database for depositing and retrieving microarray data.

ArrayExpress: European bioinformatics institute database for depositing and retrieving microarray data.

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