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Aging has been characterized in detail in relatively few animal species. In his review article and book chapter below, David Gems underlines the potential importance of comparative studies of aging in nematodes.

Gems, D., 2001. Longevity and aging in parasitic and free-living nematodes. Biogerontology 1, 289-307.

Gems, D., 2002. Ageing. In: Lee, L.D. (Ed.). The Biology of Nematodes. Taylor and Francis, London and New York, pp. 413-455.

In the study below, we described the aging process in free-living adults of the parasitic nematode Strongyloides ratti.

Gardner, M.P., Gems, D., and Viney, M.E., 2004. Aging in a very short-lived nematode. Exp. Gerontol. 39, 1267-1276.

Gardner, M.P., Gems, D., and Viney, M.E. 2005. Extraordinary plasticity of ageing in a nematode. Submitted.

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