Complications And Prognosis

Visceral malignancies in MTS are low grade, and surgical removal of primary tumors and even metastases can be curative. Although many patients with MTS have metastatic

TABLE 2 Diagnostic Criteria for MTS

Group A

Group B

Group C

Sebaceous adenoma

Visceral malignancy

Multiple keratoacanthomas

Sebaceous epithelioma

Multiple visceral malignancies

Sebaceous carcinoma

Family history of MTS

Keratoacanthoma with

sebaceous differentiation

Diagnosis requires one criterion

from Group A and Group B,

or all three from Group C,

in absence of predisposing

factors such as extensive

radiotherapy or AIDS

Abbreviation: MTS, Muir-Torre syndrome.

Abbreviation: MTS, Muir-Torre syndrome.

disease, the cancers in many of these patients display a nonaggressive course. The median survival rate at 12 years after diagnosis is approximately 50%. Patients can live 25 to 30 years after resection of their first visceral neoplasms. Interestingly, a study evaluating microsatellite instability in tumor tissue of patients with MTS showed that patients who exhibited this finding had earlier onset of colorectal cancers and almost three times as many visceral cancers, but had significantly prolonged survival after visceral cancer diagnosis.

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