Imaging Studies in Mucormycosis

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Maxillofacial CT scan is used for initial investigation in rhinocerebral infection. The CT scan may demonstrate ethmoid and sphenoid mucosal thickening or sinusitis as well as orbital or intracranial extension and is valuable in planning surgical debridement.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with enhancement may be helpful in assessing patients with allergic fungal sinusitis and in patients in whom invasive fungal sinusitis is suspected. MRI is helpful in evaluating CNS spread in invasive fungal sinusitis and may be superior to CT in assessing the need for further surgical intervention. MRI additionally helps to define early vascular intracranial invasion before clinical signs develop.

Chest CT and chest X rays may be useful in the setting of pulmonary infection to evaluate consolidation, cavitation, nodular lesions, or effusions. A predilection for upper lobe involvement is common in pulmonary infection.

Abdominal CT in the setting of GI mucormycosis may demonstrate a mass associated with the GI tract in addition to splenic or renal involvement.

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