Systemic Disease

Patients with metastatic melanoma may receive a number of treatment modalities. Solitary or few metastases in solid organs such as lung, small bowel, or liver can be treated with surgical excision. This is particularly effective for patients with a prolonged disease-free interval, characterized by a tumor doubling time of >60 days. Brain metastases can be managed with surgical excision or gamma knife radiation. Systemic immunotherapy and chemotherapy are options. Immunotherapy with interferon-a-2b has resulted in objective response rates in 7% to 23% of patients with stage IV disease (3). Interleukin-2-based regimens have had overall response rates of 21% to 24% (3). Responses to multiagent chemotherapy with dacarbazine (DTIC) are 10% to 53% in phase II trials (3), but combination treatments have not been superior in multicenter randomized trials (13,14). Metastatic melanoma continues to be an area of ongoing research for better systemic treatments.

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