Bluefishes form schools or loose aggregations that are effective in hunting prey. These schools migrate seasonally, moving predictably to warm water during the cool or winter season and to cooler water during the warm or summer season. Dol-phinfishes form schools that migrate over large distances on a seasonal basis. Small groups hover under floating objects, such as tree trunks or fish aggregation devices, and schools also follow boats and ships. The roosterfish may be solitary and usually swims inshore along sandy beaches as it forages for food. Remoras utilize their specialized sucking discs to attach themselves to sharks, skates, rays, billfishes, and other large fishes as well as sea turtles, dolphins, and whales. Occasionally, they are seen swimming freely. The attachment behavior allows them to function as transportation parasites, in that their host species do most of the swimming while the remora goes along for the ride, moving only to change position along the host's body, when feeding or moving between hosts, or when reproducing.

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