This is a venomous species that is able to inject venom using modified fangs in the lower jaw. Unlike most blennies, these fishes have a well-developed swim bladder that allows them to swim easily above the reef. The combination of the swim bladder and their ability to inject venom into a potential predator allows them to swim without restriction above the reef and to forage over a relatively wide area. Like most species of Meiacanthus, the striped poison-fang blenny has mimics. Two species are known to be Batesian mimics, a blenniid (Petroscirtes breviceps) and a cardinalfish (Cheilodipterus nigrotaeniatus). Both of these species swim with the striped poison-fang blenny and avoid predation as a result of potential predators' aversion to the bite of the striped poison-fang blenny.

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