Conservation Status

Not listed by the IUCN. During the early 1960s, total landings from both stocks (northern and southern) peaked at 125,220 tn (113,600 t) in 1966. Annual landings then declined sharply to only 14,220 tn (12,900 t) in 1970, increased again to 84,220 tn (76,400 t) in 1972, and then have declined steadily since. Red hake landings averaged only 1,870 tn (1,700 t) per year during 1990-1999, a decline of over 40% from the 1980-1989 average. Red hake landings in 1999 were well below historic levels. Despite these declines, neither stock is presently considered to be in an overfished condition, and recruitment of younger fish appears to be strong.

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