Conservation Status

Listed as Critically Endangered by the IUCN. The spawning stock biomass of Georges Bank haddock declined from 76,000 tn (69,000 t) in 1978 to 12,125 tn (11,000 t) by 1993, and has since increased to 41,900 tn (38,000 t) in 1998. However, spawning stock biomass is presently below the minimum threshold level of 58,400 tn (53,000 t), indicating the stock is in an overfished condition. Observed increases in spawning stock biomass of Georges Bank haddock have resulted from conservation of existing year classes. This is a necessary first step in the stock rebuilding process. Recent research vessel surveys provide indications that the 1998 year class may be the strongest in two decades. If this recruitment is realized, there is a potential for significant stock rebuilding.

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