Evolution and systematics

The suborder Percoidei contains more than 70 families and 2,800 species. This chapter focuses on the families Pomato-midae, Coryphaenidae, Nematistiidae, and Echeneidae. The bluefish (Pomatomidae) and the dolphinfishes (Coryphaenidae) are two small families of streamlined pelagic fishes. The blue-fish is monotypic and dates from the Miocene epoch. The dolphinfishes consist of just one genus, Coryphaena, and two species. These fishes likely date from the Eocene and sometimes are grouped together with the Nematistiidae (rooster-fish), Echeneidae (remoras), Rachycentridae (cobia), and Carangidae (jacks and trevallys). The roosterfish, Nematistius pectoralis, is a monotypic species within its family. Remoras consist of four genera and eight species. The genera are Ech-eneis (two species), Phtheirichthys (one species), Remora (four species), and Remorina (one species).

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