Feeding ecology and diet

Anabantoids are diverse in regard to their feeding ecology and diet. There are extreme filter feeders, such as Helostoma, which feeds on small pelagic invertebrates and algae that are either filtered from the water or scraped off the substrate. Other species are omnivorous (Anabas, Osphronemus, Tri-chogaster, and Colisa), or have a diet with an emphasis on small invertebrates (Microctenopoma, Macropodus, Betta, and Trichop-sis), but others prey on larger invertebrates and small fishes (Ctenopoma and Sandelia). Luciocephalus is a highly specialized predator of small fishes. Osphronemus exodon is an exclusively herbivorous species with external jaw teeth, which feeds on leaves of terrestrial plants, grasses, fruits, and flowers.

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