Naked characins, 4:338

Naked dragonfishes, 5:324, 5:325-326

Nandidae. See Leaffishes

Nandus nandus. See Gangetic leaffishes

Nannatherina spp. See Nannatherina balstoni

Nannatherina balstoni, 5:222

Nannocharax fasciatus. See Striped African darters Nannoperca spp., 5:220 Nannoperca australis. See Southern pygmy perches

Nannoperca obscura. See Yarra pygmy perches Nannoperca oxleyana. See Oxleyan pygmy perches

Nannoperca variegata. See Variegated pygmy perches

Nannopercidae. See Pygmy perches

Nanny shads. See Gizzard shads Nansenia pelagica, 4:392 Napoleon wrasses. See Humphead wrasses Narcine bancrofti. See Lesser electric rays Narcinidae. See Electric rays Nardovelifer altipinnis, 4:448 Naso lituratus. See Orangespine unicornfishes Nassau groupers, 5:265, 5:269, 5:270-271 Natal moonies. See Monos National Marine Fisheries Service (U.S.). See United States National Marine Fisheries Service Natterer, Johann, 4:201 Naucrates ductor. See Pilotfishes Nautichthys oculofasciatus. See Sailfin sculpins Nazarkin, M. V., 5:331 Needlefishes, 4:12, 4:49, 4:70, 5:79-81, 5:82, 5:84-85

Needlenose gars. See Longnose gars Neetroplus nematopus. See Poor man's tropheuses Negaprion brevirostris. See Lemon sharks Nelson, Joseph S. on Atheriniformes, 5:67 on Cypriniformes, 4:321 on fathead sculpins, 5:179 on Osmeriformes, 4:389 on Salmoniformes, 4:405 on Scorpaeniformes, 5:157 on Scorpaenoidei, 5:163 Nemacheilinae, 4:321

Nemacheilus evezardi. See Hillstream loaches Nemacheilus masyae. See Arrow loaches Nemacheilus multifasciatus. See Siju blind cavefishes

Nemacheilus oedipus. See Cavefishes of Nam Lang

Nemacheilus starostini. See Kughitang blind loaches

Nemacheilus toni. See Siberian stone loaches Nemadactylus spp., 5:239, 5:240 Nemateleotris magnifica. See Fire gobies Nematistiidae. See Roosterfishes Nematistius pectoralis. See Roosterfishes Nematogenyidae, 4:352 Nemichthydae, 4:255

Nemichthys scolopaceus. See Slender snipe eels Nemipteridae, 5:255, 5:258-263 Neobola argentea. See Dagaa Neobythitinae, 5:16, 5:18 Neoceratodus spp., 4:197-199, 4:201, 4:202, 4:203

Neoceratodus forsteri. See Australian lungfishes Neocirrhites armatus, 4:42, 5:239, 5:240 Neocyema erythrostoma, 4:271 Neocynchiropus spp., 5:365 Neogobius melanostomus. See Round gobies Neolamprologus callipterus, 5:279-280 Neon gobies, 5:374, 5:375, 5:376, 5:378,

5:384, 5:385 Neon tetras. See Cardinal tetras Neoniphon spp., 5:113 Neopterygii, 4:11 Neoscopelidae. See Blackchins Neoscopelus microchir, 4:442 Neosebastidae. See Gurnard perches Neoselachii, 4:10, 4:11 Neostethus bicornis, 5:72, 5:75, 5:76 Nervous system, 4:20-23 See also Physical characteristics

Nettastoma brevirostre. See Pignosed arrowtooth eels Nettastomatidae, 4:255 Neurotoxins, 4:15, 4:179 New Granada sea catfishes, 4:355, 4:357 New Zealand graylings, 4:391 New Zealand smelts, 4:390 Ngege, 5:280, 5:283, 5:286, 5:287 Nightfishes, 5:221

Nigripinnis. See Blackfin pearl killifishes Nile perches, 4:75, 4:313, 5:220, 5:224,

5:226-227, 5:280-281 Nineline gobies, 5:376 Ningu, 4:303, 4:323 Niphonini. See Japanese aras Noemacheilus mesonoemachilus sijuensis. See Siju blind cavefishes Noemacheilus sijuensis. See Siju blind cavefishes Noemacheilus smithi. See Blind loaches Nolf, D., 5:341 Nomeidae. See Driftfishes Nomeus gronovii. See Man-of-war fishes Nomorhamphus spp., 5:81 Noodlefishes, 4:391

Normanichthyidae. See Normanichthys crockery Normanichthys crockery, 5:179 Noronha wrasses, 5:296 North African catfishes. See Sharptooth catfishes

North American basses, 5:195-206, 5:200, 5:202

North American freshwater catfishes, 4:352 North American mudsucker gobies, 4:6 North American paddlefishes. See American paddlefishes North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission, 4:413

North Pacific anchovies. See Northern anchovies

North Pacific herrings. See Pacific herrings North River shads. See American shads Northern anchovies, 4:4, 4:278, 4:280, 4:285, 4:287

Northern bluefin tunas. See Atlantic bluefin tunas

Northern cavefishes, 5:6, 5:7, 5:8-9 Northern clingfishes, 5:358, 5:360-361 Northern halibuts. See Pacific halibuts Northern largemouth basses. See Largemouth basses

Northern longears. See Longear sunfishes Northern mummichogs, 5:95, 5:97, 5:99 Northern pikeminnows, 4:7, 4:298 Northern pikes, 4:14, 4:379, 4:382,

4:383-384, 5:198 Northern red snappers, 5:264, 5:268, 5:269, 5:270

Northern rock basses. See Rock basses Northern ronquils, 5:311, 5:312 Northern seadevils. See Kroyers deep sea anglerfishes Northern sea robins, 5:264 Northern snakeheads, 5:438, 5:442, 5:442 Northern stargazers, 5:336, 5:337, 5:339-340 Norwegian herrings. See Atlantic herrings Notacanthidae. See Marine spiny eels Notacanthus spp., 4:249, 4:250 Notemigonus spp., 4:301 Notesthes robusta. See Bullrouts Nothobranchius spp., 5:94

Nothobranchius guentheri. See Mombasa killifishes Notidanoides muensteri, 4:143 Notocheiridae. See Surf silversides Notocheirus hubbsi, 5:68

Notocirrhitus splendens. See Splendid hawfishes Notogoneus spp., 4:290 Notogoneus osculus, 4:293 Notolychnus valdiviae, 4:443 Notopteridae. See Knifefishes Notopteroidea, 4:231 Notopterus notopterus, 4:232, 4:233, 4:234 Notorynchus spp., 4:144

Notorynchus cepedianus. See Broadnose sevengill sharks

Notosudidae. See Waryfishes Notothenia angustata. See Maori chiefs Notothenia [Parenotothenia] angustata. See

Maori chiefs Notothenia rossii. See Marbled rockcods Nototheniidae. See Notothens Notothenioidei. See Southern cod-icefishes Notothens, 4:49, 5:321, 5:322 Notropis spp., 4:301

Novumbra spp. See Olympic mudminnows Novumbra hubbsi. See Olympic mudminnows Nurse sharks. See Orectolobiformes

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