Ocellated snakehead

Channa pleurophthalmus family Channidae taxonomy

Ophicephaluspleurophthalmus Bleeker, 1851, Bandjermassing.

other common names Indonesian: Kerandang.

physical characteristics

Total length 15.7 in (40 cm). Body is distinctively compressed laterally and quite deep compared to other snakeheads, has moderately large scales (LL= 49-55), large canine-like teeth on the upper and lower jaw, and patch of small scales near the tip of the underside of the lower jaw. Body grayish with scattered small black spots and several orange or orangey red-rimmed black ocelli, yellowish black to gray pectoral fins, and a single ocellus on the gill cover and middle of the caudal fin.


Islands of Sumatra and Borneo (western and southern portions), Indonesia.


Usually lowland, slow-moving murky rivers. behavior

Not known to be capable of terrestrial movement.

feeding ecology and diet

Nothing known; presumed to be a predator, feeding on fishes and other small aquatic animals.

reproductive biology

Nothing known, but like other medium-to-large snakeheads, is probably a bubble nest builder.

conservation status

Not threatened.

significance to humans

Marketed as a food fish within its distribution, also quite popular as an aquarium fish. ♦

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