Other Common Names

English: Killie, killifish; Spanish: Fundulo; Portuguese: Fundulo. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS

Grows to 5 in (13 cm) in length. Sexually dimorphic and dichromatic. Males and females have up to 15 vertical bars, which tend to be faint or missing in mature adults. The mouth is blunt, with a turned-up lower jaw. The dorsal fin is positioned over the anal fin origin at about the midbody. Males have a dorsal ocellus. Breeding males are light gray to very black in background color. The body and all unpaired fins have bright iridescent white to greenish opalescent spots. The dorsal, anal, and caudal fins have a yellow margin that is less noticeable on the caudal fin in the black body variety. There is a yellowish cast to the abdomen and operculum, the latter with iridescent silver highlights. Color patterns and color intensities vary widely in both sexes. Females are larger than males. Body is chunky with a pale silvery background, brownish color on the back, and whitish color on the abdomen. The fins are clear. Adults rarely are confused with other species in their natural range.

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