Other Common Names

Ilokano: Kampa; Japanese: Tsubasahaze; Visayan: Dalapakan. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS

Reaches 12.6 in (32 cm) total length. Head depressed dorsally, with a wedgelike snout, and with small eyes. Mouth ventrally placed on head with a fleshy upper lip. Body laterally compressed toward tail, which is slightly forked; body with 27-40

scales in longitudinal series on flanks. Lateral line system well developed on head and body. Pelvic fins separate, each with a patch of enlarged musculature on the anterior border. Body light brown with several darker, longitudinal stripes on flanks; dark bands running from eye toward anterior tip of snout. Dorsal fins with alternating light and dark longitudinal stripes; caudal and pectoral fins pale with several dark vertical bands.

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