Other Common Names

English: Coral dragonet; Spanish: Dragoncillo coralino. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS

Total length 4.5 (11.4 cm). Sexually dimorphic; males are larger, have larger fins, extended dorsal fin, and more distinctive color patterns on body and fins. Body is elongate and scaleless in both sexes. Have 4 dorsal spines on first dorsal fin, 9 soft rays on second dorsal fin; 8 anal fin rays, but no spines. Color pattern is complex and varies between sexes. Dorsal half of body has marbling and mottling in various shades of brown, black, and white; white, roundish blotches between narrow brown bars on ventral half of body. First dorsal fin of male marked by yellow swirl and second dorsal fin with downward-pointing pattern of dark bands. Males also have blue concentric lines and rows of spots on first dorsal fin, blue bars with narrow orange margins on preopercle, orange spots, small blue lines and crescentlike markings on dorsal half of body, and blue spots around ventral half of eyes.

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