Physical Characteristics

Grows to 12 in (30 cm) in total length. Elongate, compressed posteriorly, and flat anteriorly. Blunt snout and toothy horizontal mouth with only a slight curvature. Large, bulging, froglike eyes set far forward, almost on the snout, and divided by a black horizontal band into an upper and lower portion for separately viewing above and below the waterline. Dorsal fin set far back, completely behind the anal fin. Three to five blue to violet horizontal lines of varying lengths run along the sides. Dorsal surface is brownish. A whitish line runs along the back; at the operculum the line divides into a Y shape, each arm of which terminates at an eye. The ventral area is whitish. Sexually dimorphic. Females are larger than males, with rounded fins; males have a tubular, scaled gonopodium.

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