Physical Characteristics

Body elongate and robust, with the outer margin of the anal fin straight, and a large and slightly emarginate caudal fin. The mouth is relatively large with prominent canines. There are 8 spines and 11 soft rays in the dorsal fin, 3 spines and 8 soft rays in the anal fin, and 16-18 rays in the pectoral fin. This species has two color phases. The "tiger" or pale phase consists of a base color of white with four black bars or saddles, some incomplete, along the flank, yellow fins and mouth parts, and small blue spots with dark edges on the caudal penduncle and caudal fin. The dark phase is reddish brown with many small blue spots with dark edges scattered over the body and fins, and less prominent bars along the flanks. Grows to 39 in (100 cm) in total length.

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