Physical Characteristics

Maximum size 3.5 in (9 cm) total length. This is one of the "hovering" gobies, a species that actually hovers in the water column instead of hugging the bottom like most of its kin. The body form is more compressed laterally (deeper and thinner) instead of the more typical tubular goby shape. The anterior portion of the first dorsal fin is greatly elongate, almost as long as the fish itself in some specimens. The pelvic fins are separate. The second dorsal and anal fins are long and, when extended, have the appearance of a feather, or the tail end of an arrow or a dart. The fish has a rounded caudal fin. The head has a yellow mask over the snout and eyes. The front half of the fish (other than the mask) is white, the back half grades from orange to red, with green streaks in the median fins converging posteriorly.

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