Physical Characteristics

A small species, 2-2.75 in (5-7 cm) and rarely more than 2 in (5 cm) long. Relatively deep-bodied and sexually dimorphic and dichromatic. Males are larger than females. All fins are blue-black with an iridescent greenish overlay on the pectorals. Fins are rounded, with relatively large anal and dorsal fin bases. Iridescent metallic-green margin on the dorsal fin and similar margins on the anal and caudal fins are made up of a series of separate spots. Opalescent whitish to greenish spots on all fins and the body, forming five to 11 vertical bars. Lines paralleling the fin edges on the unpaired fins. Body color is sometimes pale around the abdomen. All intensities and patterns vary widely. The female has smaller rounded fins and brown mottling on the body, dorsal fin, and anal fin. Clear caudal, ventral, and pectoral fins and whitish abdominal area.

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