Physical Characteristics

Maximum fork length approximately 43 in (108 cm) corresponding to a weight of 72-76 lb (32.5-34.5 kg), commonly to 31 in (80 cm) and 18-22 lb (8-10 kg). Body fusiform, elongate, and rounded. Two dorsal fins separated by a narrow interspace, the first with 14-16 spines, the second dorsal and anal fins followed by seven to nine finlets. Pectoral fins short, with 26 or 27 rays. Body naked except for anterior corselet and lateral line. Caudal peduncle very slender with a strong lateral keel between two smaller keels. Swim bladder absent. Gill rakers numerous, 53-63 on first gill arch. Back dark purplish blue, lower sides and belly silvery, with four to six very conspicuous longitudinal dark bands.

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