Physical Characteristics

Another remarkably distinct species. Body slender and elongate, highly arched between head and tail. Head at a slight angle to the body, with round eyes, very long snout, and small, upturned mouth. Encased in bony ringlike plates, many containing longer spines that have dermal leaflike flaps at the ends. Single dorsal fin situated posteriorly, with 27-34 rays; anal fin with four or five rays; pectorals with 20-23 rays. Tail prehensile, long, and slender, without a caudal fin; pelvic fins, lateral line, and scales absent. Coloration very ornate and somewhat varying— background usually reddish, with numerous closely packed yellow spots on head and body, bluish bars on sides of trunk and tail base, and darker dermal flaps. Reaches 18 in (46 cm) in length.

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