Physical Characteristics

Grows to 6 in (15 cm) in length. Sexually dimorphic and dichromatic. Males and females are silvery, sleek, and compressed and taper to the terminal mouth and caudal peduncle. Brightly reflective eyes. They have high-set pectoral fins and dorsal fins set far back, with the origin approximately over the middle of the anal fin. Caudal fins have scales at the base. Recurved teeth noticeable on the outer surface of the upper and lower jaws. Males have an anal fin with a broad base; the rays are shorter than in females. Eight or nine lines of very bright iridescent blue spots along the body, with yellowish spotting on dorsal, anal, and caudal fins and yellow pelvic fins. All observed colors and patterns vary widely, depending on the angle of the lighting. Female are smaller than males, with rounded fins. Shorter dorsal and anal fin base, anal fin rays longer than in the male. The body is silvery or bluish, and the fins are faintly yellow or orange.

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