Physical Characteristics

Small, reaches about 1.2 in (3 cm) standard length. The preop-erculum has a slightly scalloped edge, visible just behind the mouth. Body with scales (26-58 in longitudinal series along the flanks). The pelvics form a small suctorial disk. The head is transparent except for some brownish patches on the sides, a distinct reddish gold stripe that extends dorsally around the snout, and some reddish spots and a band over the top of the head. The eyes are bright golden with reddish rims. The body is transparent, with about six darkish or reddish brown bands on flanks. The ventral part of the body is mottled brown, and there is a large brown or reddish patch at the base of the pectoral fin. The dorsal, anal, and caudal fins may be reddish.

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