Rainbow snakehead

Channa bleheri family

Channidae taxonomy

Channa bleheri Vierke, 1991, upper portion of Dibru River, near Guijan, Brahmaputra River basin, northeastern Assam, India.

other common names

Assamese: Deo cheng.

physical characteristics

Length 3.9 in (10 cm), one of the smallest snakeheads. Has relatively large scales (LL= 42-46), no pelvic fins, and a single large scale on each side of the underside of the lower jaw. One of the most colorful snakeheads, has very distinctive 4-11 medium-to-large irregular red or orange spots on the caudal fin which sometimes coalesce; and pectoral fins with a black spot at the base and 7-9 black concentric bands.


Endemic to Brahmaputra River basin, northern Assam, India.

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