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Important as both a food fish and a sport fish. FAO catch statistics for 1991-2000 show catches of 29.7-60.2 thousand tons (26.9-54.6 thousand metric tons) per year by 44 countries. The belly meat of bluefin, when containing much fat, reaches astronomical prices in the Japanese market for sashimi. Individual bluefin in prime condition have sold for as much as $68,000, approximately $45 per pound (0.5 kg), but a new record price of $173,600 (¥20 million) was reached for a 444-lb (201-kg) bluefin sold in Tokyo's Tsukiji Central Fish Market in January 2001. The all-tackle game fish record for a "giant" bluefin is a 1,497-lb (679-kg) fish taken off Nova Scotia. ♦

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