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There are important fisheries for albacore in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. FAO catch statistics for 1991-2000 show catches of 185-280 thousand tons(168-254 thousand metric tons) per year by 59 countries. The highest landings reported for 2000 were by Japan, 69 thousand tons (62.6 thousand metric tons), and Taiwan, 57.0 thousand tons (51.7 thousand metric tons). With increasing effort in surface fisheries, the world catch has been gradually declining, particularly in the Atlantic Ocean. Al-bacore are caught by four types of fishing operations: long lining, live-bait fishing, trolling, and purse seining. Albacore is packed as "white-meat" tuna. The all-tackle game fish record is an 88-lb (40.0-kg) fish caught in the Canary Islands. ♦

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