Significance to humans

A number of dragonet species are important in the aquarium trade, such as the mandarinfish, and some species, such as Repomucenus spp., are taken directly or as bycatch in commercial or subsistence food fisheries, or for the production of fish meal. The Draconettidae may be taken incidentally by deep-trawling fishing vessels, but appear not to have any commercial significance to humans.

1. Draconett {Centrodraco insolitus); 2. Draconetta {Draconetta xenica); S. Richardson's dragonet {Repomucenus richardsonii); 4. Mandarinfish {Synchiropus splendidus); 5. Lancer dragonet {Paradiplogrammus bairdi). {Illustration by Marguette Dongvillo)

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