Significance to humans

Various members of the Beryciformes are important in the pet trade. The colors of the pineapplefishes and squirrelfishes and the glowing organ of the flashlightfishes all draw interest from aquarium keepers. Divers also appreciate the reds of the shallow-dwelling squirrelfishes, even if they are mostly viewed in dark crevices and other hiding spots during the day. Several beryciforms, including the orange roughy, are commercially harvested as food.

1. Orange roughy (Hoplostethus atlanticus); 2. Common fangtooth (Anoplogaster cornuta); S. Blackbar soldierfish (Myripristis jacobus); 4. Splitfin flashlightfish (Anomalops katoptron); 5. Pineconefish (Monocentris japonica); 6. Squirrelfish (Holocentrus ascensionis). (Illustration by Wendy Baker)

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